Welcome to The Anthony Booth Trust

Welcome to The Anthony Booth Trust


The Anthony Booth Trust

Very Important Announcement

11 March 2021

Nothing gives us more pleasure to announce The Anthony Booth Trust are investing a massive amount of the money raised in the last 13 years to a project at the Nottingham City Hospital Hematology unit, the money will be used to build 2 consulting rooms (The Anthony Booth rooms) and a reception meaning more patients can be seen at the hospital for a quicker diagnosis to enable a longer and healthier life, the cost of the project is £80,000 and is due to start work this year.

As many of you know the charity was started when our beautiful Son passed away of aplastic anaemia so we believe this to be a fitting legacy and memorial of his name.

The charity will start winding down and selling any assets this year and any surplus cash left over will be used for movement therapy machines at Nottingham City hospital which will keep patients able to keep walking and using their limbs, we may or may not continue our Annual Santa run to the hospital this is something we need to think about but soon its time for a rest


Our Achievements

£80,000 To The Nottingham City Haematology Ward for more treatment room s (The Anthony Booth Treatment Rooms)

£22,000  Towards the purchase of 2 bed gyms to be used for long term patients in the Haematology Wards and Intensive Care

£15000 towards Blood Plasma and Umbilical cord Stem Cell Research

Sponsored the publication of a book for Education of Young Doctors into Aplastic Anaemia

Over £2500 to make patient stays a little better on Fletcher ward including DAB Radios for every bed and Game Stations for Younger patients

Over £2750 in Wish scheme gifts to Aplastic Anaemia Patients and to Fletcher Ward Adolescents who were too poorly at Christmas to go home

12 Christmas day visits and one Covid quarantine gifts to give 40 Presents to the Haematology wards at Nottingham city hospital

We would like to thank every single person that has donated supported and been with us on this incredible journey, an even bigger Thank you to our volunteers who have been our bridging gap between shattered and exhausted.

The Trustees

Tammy, Richard , Stephen  (Crack), Lisa Julie and Pete