About The Anthony Booth Trust

About The Anthony Booth Trust


Ant went to a walk in center in October 2007he had a developed a rash and when he brushed his teeth his gums kept bleeding. The doctor sent him to the QMC at Nottingham who then rushed him to Nottingham city Hospital.
He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia.
Basically He had no white blood cells so he had no immune system. The doctors tried three stages of treatment but Ant developed a Fungal infection and was transferred to intensive care. Ant recovered enough On hs birhtday 11th December to return back to the Fletcher ward to contnue treatment.
The infection hoever spread to his vital organs, however on the 13th December the doctors managed to give Ant a Bone marrow transplant from a wonderful donor from Germany (this gave him an 80% chance) he fell poorly and he was then transferred to intensive care again as the doctors were concerned for him.
On Friday the 14th we went to hospital and ant had trouble breathing. We persuaded ant to be sedated again to help his body recover
On Wednesday 19th December Tam phoned me as the doctor said ant had a 50/50 chance of living. Ant the fighter kept waking and “talking to us ”
Then on thursday 20th we had the worst news the doctor asked us to phone all the family and friends. we filled the waiting room with everyone that loved him. we waited and waited by his bed. The Doctors gave up but He Fought….
On Friday 21st we spoke to his hemotoogist she explained he was a poorly poorly boy but the doctors would again try to save him
We Stayed again and Saturday our optimism returned again On Sunday 23rd As his Bone marrow transplant took and his white blood cell count increased for the first time in 10 weeks.
Ant had had a bad night but was stable.
Then everything changed. Ant couldn’t breath, the doctor asked us to call his family and we made the most difficult calls. All his family and friends were there to watch Ant bravely fight but unfortunately he couldn’t and he died at 11:40 23rd December 2007

No Mother or Father , Gradma or Grandpa, Auntie Uncle, Brother , sister, wife, husband lover or Best Freind should watch a young life being taken so cruely please help us to help fight this disease

Our Objective To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of aplastic anaemia in the East Midlands through the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice

Registered in England and wales with the Charity Commission 1123378
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