Donating To Beat Aplastic Anaemia

Donating To Beat Aplastic Anaemia

We are assisting THE ANTHONY NOLAN TRUST , Our volunteers and donors have made it possible for us to help the Anthony Nolan trust continue their research into Cord Banks .

We actively promote to recruit people to their own adult bone marrow register, they also are linked to many registries overseas, and match donors  with patients in need, as well as arranging cord blood transplants from overseas, in order to save the lives of people with a range of blood disorders, including aplastic anaemia.

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Giving blood

Blood transfusions are a very important form of supportive therapy for suffers of

aplastic anaemia. Many patients will have regular transfusions of red blood cell and platelets. In England and North Wales the National Blood Service is responsible for collecting, processing and testing then delivering red cells and platelets to every hospital.

Every day 7,000 donations are given up and down the country but yet only four percent of those who can give do. A regular supply of blood is vital not least because it has a very short shelve life. Red cells only last 35 days and platelets which help clot the blood only last five days.

Who can do it?

To be a blood donor you need to be between your 17th and 60th birthday, in general good health and weigh over 7st 12Ibs (50kg). Regular donors can give until they are 70.

How to get started

Giving blood is really easy it only takes an hour out of your time every four months. Sessions are held right across the country so chances are there’s one near you. To find one or more information about giving blood visit or call the 24 hour donor helpline on 0845 7 711 711.   

Find Your Local Blood Donor Session

You can ring them on:
0300 123 23 23