Nottingham (NUH) City Hospital

Nottingham (NUH) City Hospital

We support the Haemotology Wards Toghill and Fletcher  on the NUH city hospital campus

Christmas Day Visit

Every Year On Christmas Day We Visit the Toghill and Fletcher Wards and 2015 was no different With more volunteers than ever we arrived at the hospital at 10am, armed with a gift, a selection box and courtesy of the Disney Store a Tigger for every patient who was too poorly to have home leave  It is so good to see the smiles on peoples faces no matter how poorly they feel, to us it is a small gesture. This year we were also armed with two PS4s for the Fletcher ward , as the PS2s we supplied in 2010 were outdated and not of much use now. On a positive note there were no young adults in the wards this year which on a negative means there would be no £50 wish schemes for us to get for Boxing Day,

So a big Thank You to  Katie, Chloe Ethan and Harmony our little volunteers. Thank you To Stephen, Donna, Elf Gareth, Sophie, Tanja, Darron, Pam, Scott, Gregg, Elf Tammy, Santa Richard and Patrick.
And Than you to all the Hard working staff who drew the short straws but were all great once again.      

    Almost a wide screen team photo